Slow & Steady: Non-Profit Web Development


An update from the magical behind-the-scenes land (which is alive & well, for all intents & purposes, complete with larger-than-life mascots)! More has been happening than I sometimes remember to realize, yet the painstaking lesson in patience–that of creating larger-than-life systems of community interaction–persists. And, for better ignorance or for worse wisdom, it is not a task to be underestimated. Developing websites is a slow process What was originally estimated at a 1-month finishing time is now surpassing 2 months. It’s not our developers’ fault; it’s simply the nature of creating software… Asking a computer to do what you want it to, down to precise details, is a technological feat of humankind that I, for one, have always taken for granted. What may begin as a basic task, a simple copy-paste in some instances, turns into all kinds of unforeseen syntax errors and server issues that become an exciting challenge to overcome. …and that’s … Read More