Sharing Our PRCPTION


Greetings friends and family, nomads and artists, creators and visionaries! Iā€™d like to welcome you to our first issue of the PRCPTION Travel newsletter, where we share some of our latest community-building videos. Many supporters of the project happen to stay away from modern social networking platforms, (where we host & share most of our media), so I realized it was finally time to establish a digital tool for connecting our smiling faces and projects. In this edition, we’ll re-familiarize you with PRCPTION Travel’s smiling media mission, give you a glimpse at our recent trip to Western and Southern Africa, and introduce the new #SmilesFiles awareness-building campaign.   Ā šŸ“¢ Our Mission šŸŒ For too long has mass media dominated what we learn about the world: we see terrorism, we see fear, we see separation; but what about the healthy collaborations? What about the people working together to make this world … Read More