Calling All Communities! [Roll Out (4/4)]


Well, I promised my next post would be when Perceptions.Live was live, so here we are! A few months later. As with most of PRCPTION Travel’s evolution, the relationship between development and execution during the lifetime of this endeavor is an interesting one. It’s been almost two years since our first little demo and thanks to a lack of funding (not sarcasm), we were unable to execute a lot of the ideas that seemed appropriate at the time, and instead implemented others. Many such ideas have gone in & out of the cultural consciousness since then, several of which slowly dwindling out to eventually find their place as nothing but a mention in our [brand-new] documentation. As it stands, I find myself leaning towards a very heavy simplification of the whole community media process–but hey, we’ll save that for the next post. As with most of PRCPTION Travel’s evolution, the … Read More