Echo Chambers, Direction, and Purpose


In light of a select few responses to our most recent video “Love All Parts of Yourself,” I have decided to dedicate some words to clarifying the purpose of PRCPTION Travel. It’s quite long-winded; for that, I have split it into three, hopefully digestible, parts. Introduction: Controversy, Censorship, and Community As someone engrained in this project day-to-day, I have neglected to realize that what may be blatantly obvious to us may still remain in the dark for others. What is actualized as the fruits of my labor is not merely molded by my hands but colorized by beliefs & perception constructed over years of research and experience. While today we are a very small organization, operating on a near non-existent budget, choosing to employ today’s contemporary digital media as a means to encourage tomorrow’s human cooperation, most of our resources until now have gone into refining the exact how of today with which we … Read More