Users- Explore Movements, Causes, and Locations [Roll Out (3/4)]


Last time, we discussed the Perceptions.Live functionality for Groups & Community Visualization. This week we will peer into the benefits and capabilities of the standard user browsing the platform. Phase 1: “Roll Out” C. Users- Browse Movements, Causes, and Locations What it is: Let’s not forget the outside world! People everywhere in our fragmented civilization are searching for their kin, in some form or another. We are trying to build a very broad and autonomous media platform that facilitates the connection of like-minded individuals and communities through creative collaboration. For this reason, the Perceptions.Live homepage will be a hub for all networks that the platform currently serves.¬†With advanced search capabilities, users can explore new ways of living, eco-sustainability techniques, opportunities for collaboration, and much much more–or simply, browse around a map of the globe and learn something new. Sustainability: Until video playback can be decentralized, for now we will focus … Read More