Sustainable Intentions for 2019


Joining in on the social media fun of sharing new goals and objectives, this post will be an introduction to what we envision for the development of PRCPTION Travel this year. Recap: 2017-2018 2017 was a ground-breaking year. Through the hype of the cryptocurrency “bubble,” many people began to see new potential in the ways we interact, govern, and regulate ourselves as a society. We recognized that we could now generate abundance from thin air with digital currencies, consensus, and markets–not to mention play with new technologies that could keep governments and power hierarchies accountable. The blockchain enthusiasm of 2017 brought hope & inspiration to a new generation–including ourselves at PRCPTION Travel. Traveling through several regions of the USA, to central Europe, to three corners of Africa, 2017 was a year of field research and exploration for our organization. How could we integrate this new technology into digital media sharing, … Read More