Self-Curation, Ethical Censorship, and Personal Responsibility


In light of a select few responses to our most recent video Love All Parts of Yourself, I have decided to dedicate some words to clarifying the purpose of PRCPTION Travel. It’s quite long-winded; for that, I have split it into three, hopefully digestible, parts.  This article is part of a series: part 1, part 2. Part 3: Self-Curation, Ethical Censorship, and Personal Responsibility “Love is all you need. Love = honesty. You can’t have honesty without unimpeded communication. The best way to improve love is to improve discourse.” – Matt Terwall, Treasurer of PRCPTION Travel, Inc. PRCPTION Travel exists of a new world in which communication is legitimately open and free. This means that not only people will have the right to share their voice, but also have the right to shut out another’s voice from their own personal reality. We are designing software to allow refined discernment in what you want to … Read More