Groups For Community Visualization [Roll Out (2/4)]


Last week, in “Creators” and Video Submissions, we discussed how any user can simply submit footage to the Perceptions.Live platform for editing. This week we will peer into the community-building features of the platform. Phase 1: “Roll Out” B. Groups- Visualize Community What it is: Here is where you can use our video uploading service for your own needs. Encourage your community to share their testimonies, experiences, stories, etc and generate a map populated by your people’s videos.  Using our video editing service, your users do not need to know how to edit video. Using a map, your project’s message can be presented to the world in a distributed manner, in a way to connect your community beyond borders and platforms. Sustainability: Until our payments gateway is set up to handle subscriptions, map embeds will only be available to our approved partners (many of which have made substantial donations during our development … Read More