PRCPTION Travel’s internship program consists of gathering footage from non-profit or low-budget organizations & individuals to provide as material for video editing students of all ages. With this footage, interns will

  • learn to review & organize footage from an objective perspective;
  • edit the footage into coherent, digestible media clips;

and, should any specific project require,

  • uncover & develop common themes;
  • construct a voiceover narration to tell story of visual content;
  • piece together as a web series and/or mini-documentary.

The intention of the internship program is two-fold: create an affordable opportunity for grassroots endeavors to create media works of their activities; and to offer students a glimpse of the outside world (which would not ordinarily be available in a traditional American classroom).

Resulting is the chance for positive-intentioned, low-budget groups to broadcast visuals of their programs to the world via the PRCPTION Travel network. Video students can meanwhile experience something new, learning a thing or two of what’s happening outside of their own bubble, and maybe even feel inspired to travel themselves.

Upon finishing their education, qualified students interested in pursuing filmmaking, traveling, web design, or digital media arts will have the option to continue working with us.