community win-win-win fundraising

HUMAN-act fundraising sells local community goods to other markets in the world. By raising the prices a few hundred percent, the profits are then used to fund another community-building project–social, media, entrepreneurial, etc–while still remaining at a low enough price for supporters to receive a bargain.

flagship project

In early 2015, PRCPTION Travel funded a yoga film project by offering the world a chance to purchase goods created by local communities that otherwise would have no international exposure. It created an opportunity for those with the resources to receive something cool created by those in need of the resources (in this case, money).

As perks, we offered goods from a community in Pokhara, Nepal we connected with during our last film project: artisan silver jewelry, handmade tie-dye shirts & tapestries, and handcrafted bags & accessories. Each contribution supported the local artists and producers directly.

awareness raising

In the process of this fundraising, awareness of community endeavors is raised.

future vision

Our future vision for the HUMAN-act program is to create a digital platform for individuals and communities everywhere to create free, compassion-driven marketplaces to connect people to others and share stories around the world.