U.N.I.T.Youth Skillsharing

2-3 week programs designed to encourage children to work together creatively.

KENYA 2019

This trip to Kenya is to prove that an international group of creative, technological, and yogi types can go to a new country where what they have to share is relatively unfamiliar. We’ll share our own skills and learn from the local culture in the process (not to mention the typical unforeseen challenges that arise in intercultural low budget travel). 

  • Yoga & Meditation

    Practicing mindfulness to quiet the mind and activate compassion.

  • Creativity & Digital Production

    Writing songs, recording video, and telling stories.

  • Health & Nutrition

    Cooking, gardening, permaculture.

the team


Jordan Urbanovich

Project Manager, Filmmaking

Kranti Londhe

Yoga & Cooking Instructor


Songwriting & Performance

Cameron Sajedi

A/V Engineer, Field Research

the products

As we write and sing songs with the youth, practice yoga, and learn about the body through food, we will document the entire experience to share with you:

  • music recordings
  • travel VLOGs
  • “how-to” videos for yoga, cooking, and music

    Please see our Media Theater to explore our portfolio of 100+ community-building videos from all around the world.

  • local partners in Kenya


    MAKE ME SMILE FOUNDATION has been operating in the Kisomu region for __ years. The organization has already run through several iterations of youth creative programs with the community and it fits in perfect timing for our to team to synthesize with their awakened aspirations.

    CHARLES OLWARO has a grassroots, community-driven school for local children of the Kibera slums outside of Nairobi. In true PRCPTION Travel fashion, we want to support such a valiant effort to get things done, even if it means staying in the slums for a few days. Goals here will be to give children the chance to strum a guitar, hold a video camera, and practice writing their own song.


    The primary objective is to empower students to feel that they have the potential to use their imaginations for good, knowing what they create can change the world. Byproducts of this objective will include:

    1. To strengthen local economies with talent otherwise unavailable by improving the local workforce in the realms of digital media and online applications.
    2. To introduce students to life modalities that can affect their entire community on the short and long-term scale (creativity, health, technology).
    3. To teach an effective process for sharing a message (intention, format, medium, presentation) and gauge its effectiveness by online feedback (comments, shares).
    4. To offer exposure of the tools available online for students to continue learning.
    5. To encourage children to always continue improving and share what they learn so their country can prosper with new talented artists, musicians and storytellers.
    6. To create documentative media of these activities to inspire others.

    the results

    It is our goal that the media we produce from this project can act as tangible products for the community to show the rest of the world what it is capable of, so more global collaborations can be encouraged.

    An example of what we created in 2015 with a community in Jamaica:

    the bigger vision

    By learning the benefits of mindfulness and physical health, children can be in direct contact with their unique potential and find cooperation more natural.

    By working together to create songs, stories, and artistic projects, youth can stay away from idleness and troublemaking.

    By experiencing creative cooperation & teamwork, children can comprehend long-term goals for a larger purpose.

    By using the internet to communicate, collaborate and share their artistic projects online, children can feel empowered to have a stronger voice in today’s world.

    PRCPTION Travel “meta:” Soon, programs such as UNITYouth will be “kickstart-able” using our PRCPTIONS.LIVE platform.

    funds required & breakdown

    Round-trip travel for each participant will cost approximately $800USD each.

    On-the-ground transportation and in-country travel (Nairobi to Kisumu) we estimate at $150USD each.

    Room & Board
    Food and general expenses will cost approximately $10USD each per day.

    In Kisumu, we will have accommodation provided by our partner, Make Me Smile Foundation.

    In Nairobi, hotels are available from $50-100 per night; but we have also been offered to stay in the Kibera slums through the project’s other partner, Charles Olwaro.

    Team Participants
    We need a minimum of $1200USD per person and minimum 2 people to make this project happen, so our threshold to give the project a green light is $2500USD.

    Past this, each $1200 will enable the remaining 2+ participants to come along.

    Donations are accepted through PayPal or various cryptocurrencies. If we do not meet the $2500USD threshold, you will have the option to have your donation returned or to go into PRCPTION Travel’s other 501(c)3 charitable operations. Your donation is tax-deductible and we will write you a receipt.

    History of UNITYouth

    Jamaica, 2015 (phase 1)

    The idea for UNITYouth was conceived when PRCPTION Travel founder Jordan Urbanovich was teaching music in rural Jamaica. The children had so much talent but so little inspiration–so he wrote & recorded a music album with them.

    [bandcamp width=600 height=300 album=727427456 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=7137dc artwork=small]


    (Download the official grant proposal (PDF,1.5mb) or take a moment to read it online.)

    USA/Jamaica, 2016-2017 (phase 2)

    Together, PRCPTION Travel co-founders Jordan Urbanovich and Matt Terwall went to Jamaica to explore the costs, conditions, and feasibility of hosting a proper summer camp in Trelawny.

    From this trip, we formed a sample team and created a proposal to introduce yoga, cooperative digital storytelling, and permaculture gardening to the children of Bunker’s Hill, Jamaica so they could practice working together towards common goals.

    Kenya, 2019 (phase 3)

    Now, in summer 2019, a new team has formed and thanks to our local partners, we will be able to explore a low-cost prototype in Kenya. We will see what the local people think and how the world responds.

    Your donations towards these efforts are greatly appreciated.

    PHASE 2/4

    preliminary exploration


    • Student Potential
    • Music & Video
    • Meditation
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    field research


    • Accommodation
    • Transportation
    • Team & Resources
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    web media


    • Results
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