Introducing the Video Production Community

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It seems like only last week ushered in the launch of Perceptions.Live, but now I’m realizing it was over a month ago already! Thanks everyone for your feedback and trial runs, it’s helped us smooth the experience for those of you claiming profiles and submitting video. Fun! Since then, we’ve cleaned up the main map screen interface so it’s a bit more breath-able and the browsing is a bit easier. We also integrated a much faster method of file uploads (no log-in required!) which I encourage you to check out if you’ve got some footage needing editing. Meanwhile, development will be taking a step in a lateral direction because of a big announcement! But first, some context. For years now, I’ve been exploring how to build a collaborative video production community. You know the story. As a filmmaker myself, I’ve learned the ins and outs of how to tell stories … Read More

Calling All Communities! [Roll Out (4/4)]

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Well, I promised my next post would be when Perceptions.Live was live, so here we are! A few months later. As with most of PRCPTION Travel’s evolution, the relationship between development and execution during the lifetime of this endeavor is an interesting one. It’s been almost two years since our first little demo and thanks to a lack of funding (not sarcasm), we were unable to execute a lot of the ideas that seemed appropriate at the time, and instead implemented others. Many such ideas have gone in & out of the cultural consciousness since then, several of which slowly dwindling out to eventually find their place as nothing but a mention in our [brand-new] documentation. As it stands, I find myself leaning towards a very heavy simplification of the whole community media process–but hey, we’ll save that for the next post. As with most of PRCPTION Travel’s evolution, the … Read More

Users- Explore Movements, Causes, and Locations [Roll Out (3/4)]

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Last time, we discussed the Perceptions.Live functionality for Groups & Community Visualization. This week we will peer into the benefits and capabilities of the standard user browsing the platform. Phase 1: “Roll Out” C. Users- Browse Movements, Causes, and Locations What it is: Let’s not forget the outside world! People everywhere in our fragmented civilization are searching for their kin, in some form or another. We are trying to build a very broad and autonomous media platform that facilitates the connection of like-minded individuals and communities through creative collaboration. For this reason, the Perceptions.Live homepage will be a hub for all networks that the platform currently serves. With advanced search capabilities, users can explore new ways of living, eco-sustainability techniques, opportunities for collaboration, and much much more–or simply, browse around a map of the globe and learn something new. Sustainability: Until video playback can be decentralized, for now we will focus … Read More

Groups For Community Visualization [Roll Out (2/4)]

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Last week, in “Creators” and Video Submissions, we discussed how any user can simply submit footage to the Perceptions.Live platform for editing. This week we will peer into the community-building features of the platform. Phase 1: “Roll Out” B. Groups- Visualize Community What it is: Here is where you can use our video uploading service for your own needs. Encourage your community to share their testimonies, experiences, stories, etc and generate a map populated by your people’s videos.  Using our video editing service, your users do not need to know how to edit video. Using a map, your project’s message can be presented to the world in a distributed manner, in a way to connect your community beyond borders and platforms. Sustainability: Until our payments gateway is set up to handle subscriptions, map embeds will only be available to our approved partners (many of which have made substantial donations during our development … Read More

“Creators” and Video Submission – Roll Out Phase 1 (1/4)

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Greetings from global community cyber-land, where the early Perceptions.Live platform is almost finished! Working from the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, the Balkans, and me currently in South America, for the past two months our team has quite literally been coordinating the platform’s final MVP development from all around the world. It’s no simple task to work with these different timezones, cultures, and manners of communicating, but it feels important for our foundation to transcend borders from the get-go. Above all, I am proud to say that together, we are accomplishing our goals and have a beautiful product to show for the work we are putting in! Intro: What’s the big deal with Perceptions.Live? I was asking myself that for months–years, even. When all you have is an intuitive nudge and just the right amount of real-life affirmations to move forward with an abstract notion of how society could transform itself, … Read More

Few Updates, Much Progress

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Just checking in to report that everything is OK and moving forward, in the mysterious ways that only intentional “start-ups” can follow. It’s been a few months since the last newsletter/blog because I have continued to wait on a big “announcement” that keeps getting pushed back–so until that announcement is finally ready, here is the process we’ve been going through:

Self-Curation, Ethical Censorship, and Personal Responsibility

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In light of a select few responses to our most recent video Love All Parts of Yourself, I have decided to dedicate some words to clarifying the purpose of PRCPTION Travel. It’s quite long-winded; for that, I have split it into three, hopefully digestible, parts.  This article is part of a series: part 1, part 2. Part 3: Self-Curation, Ethical Censorship, and Personal Responsibility “Love is all you need. Love = honesty. You can’t have honesty without unimpeded communication. The best way to improve love is to improve discourse.” – Matt Terwall, Treasurer of PRCPTION Travel, Inc. PRCPTION Travel exists of a new world in which communication is legitimately open and free. This means that not only people will have the right to share their voice, but also have the right to shut out another’s voice from their own personal reality. We are designing software to allow refined discernment in what you want to … Read More

The World of PRCPTION Travel’s Reality

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In light of a select few responses to our most recent video Love All Parts of Yourself, I have decided to dedicate some words to clarifying the purpose of PRCPTION Travel. It’s quite long-winded; for that, I have split it into three, hopefully digestible, parts. In case you missed it, make sure to familiarize yourself with part 1 of the series. Part 2: The World of PRCPTION Travel’s Reality Society is largely affected by the media it consumes, and its media is predominantly distributed by its technological means. In today’s world, those technological means are all but monopolized in the form of a few select powerhouses: traditional cable/news networks, Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Media is public consciousness. Put in the hands of a few, it is a fragile and dangerous matter. In 2019, traditional news networks are more and more known to be full of lies and propaganda, while Facebook is known … Read More

Echo Chambers, Direction, and Purpose

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In light of a select few responses to our most recent video “Love All Parts of Yourself,” I have decided to dedicate some words to clarifying the purpose of PRCPTION Travel. It’s quite long-winded; for that, I have split it into three, hopefully digestible, parts. Introduction: Controversy, Censorship, and Community As someone engrained in this project day-to-day, I have neglected to realize that what may be blatantly obvious to us may still remain in the dark for others. What is actualized as the fruits of my labor is not merely molded by my hands but colorized by beliefs & perception constructed over years of research and experience. While today we are a very small organization, operating on a near non-existent budget, choosing to employ today’s contemporary digital media as a means to encourage tomorrow’s human cooperation, most of our resources until now have gone into refining the exact how of today with which we … Read More

Introducing the Media Theater

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Some exciting announcements & updates coming on the near horizon, but for now a quick introduction to where is heading. Contrary to the style of these blog posts & newsletters for the past year and a half, PRCPTION Travel isn’t purely focused on the technology of building social video networking solutions for the world. We’re also keen on offering new ways for everyone to perceive the world itself through the media our network creates. (Fun-fact: this is where our domain name originally comes from; and this is why the Perceptions.Live platform calls individual videos “PRCPTIONs”.) A portfolio of sorts, the new Media Theater acts as a way to sort swiftly through our best work since 2014. Simple enough for now, you can use the menu to organize our content by format (full-length films, web series, guerrilla documentation, etc) or intention (community gatherings, not-for-profits, etc). An easy substitute from browsing … Read More