Introducing the Video Production Community


It seems like only last week ushered in the launch of Perceptions.Live, but now I’m realizing it was over a month ago already! Thanks everyone for your feedback and trial runs, it’s helped us smooth the experience for those of you claiming profiles and submitting video. Fun! Since then, we’ve cleaned up the main map screen interface so it’s a bit more breath-able and the browsing is a bit easier. We also integrated a much faster method of file uploads (no log-in required!) which I encourage you to check out if you’ve got some footage needing editing. Meanwhile, development will be taking a step in a lateral direction because of a big announcement! But first, some context. For years now, I’ve been exploring how to build a collaborative video production community. You know the story. As a filmmaker myself, I’ve learned the ins and outs of how to tell stories … Read More