Note: please see this and this blog post to read more in-depth perspectives from the creators of PRCPTIONS.LIVE.

PRCPTIONS.LIVE, in short, is a cooperative social media network designed to encourage creative collaboration across the globe. Finished media is available to view on the map; meanwhile, users are encouraged to organize and submit their own videos for the PRCPTION Travel community to view. Videos not edited? Not a problem, we got you covered!

Users (Individuals)


Explore PRCPTIONs of the world’s community endeavors, using the map or the complex sorting features.


Submit your own video footage to be processed and added to the network. Make sure to have followed our step-by-step guide to make it as simple as possible for the video editor.

Groups (Communities & Organizations)


PRCPTIONS.LIVE enables you to organize media of your group’s members–or activities, or anything–from anywhere in the world. When submitting a video, just make sure to tag your Group Name.


Using the users, videos, and/or tags associated with your group, create a map with custom filter options to embed on your site–no programming experience required!

This page is a constant work in progress. Please check back again soon or follow updates from our blog.