Introducing the Video Production Community


It seems like only last week ushered in the launch of Perceptions.Live, but now I’m realizing it was over a month ago already! Thanks everyone for your feedback and trial runs, it’s helped us smooth the experience for those of you claiming profiles and submitting video. Fun!

Since then, we’ve cleaned up the main map screen interface so it’s a bit more breath-able and the browsing is a bit easier. We also integrated a much faster method of file uploads (no log-in required!) which I encourage you to check out if you’ve got some footage needing editing. Meanwhile, development will be taking a step in a lateral direction because of a

big announcement! But first, some context.

For years now, I’ve been exploring how to build a collaborative video production community. You know the story. As a filmmaker myself, I’ve learned the ins and outs of how to tell stories quickly and efficiently with a small-to-non-existent budget. PRCPTION Travel’s intention has been to encourage others to capture their stories and send their footage to us to edit–as the technology to record becomes more and more accessible, it is our belief that the editing together should be available as well. That’s why we are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

As far as building the online community has gone, it’s been a rough road. Caught between the ‘traditional’ avenues of creating YouTube content and being consistent on social media, at the end of the day what became clear is that PRCPTION Travel doesn’t have a ‘product’ that most people care about. It’s a great service to those that need it; but outside that demographic, our public image has failed to gain traction. (This is very well a marketing and resource issue, but that’s OK–that’s not the point I’m getting at!)

Familiar Interfaces for New Communities

For two years now, we have been trying to fund the development of a next-generation social video production platform. There have been some generous donations and contributors along the way, but nothing substantial enough to support a team. Grants have been difficult to come by as, despite the mass manipulation by the media, the general populace still does not see the importance of decentralizing and de-profitizing our sources of information. A tale as old as time, for a non-profit.

Our funding thus far has built a functioning platform for its core intentions, but so far offers no new incentive to users to participate. In fact, despite its creative interface, in many ways the learning curve to use it could be seen as a detriment. You live, you learn. And that’s what brings us to our announcement. A Video Production Community

I spent my early teens making discussion boards for ‘webmasters’ and other kids like me trying to learn to code basic sites. One of them actually gained some momentum for a few months (before summer football started), and I got a taste of what it meant to moderate a community forum. It’s fun! And it’s personable.

In the last few weeks I was made aware of some WordPress plug-ins that would make certain community collaboration functions a one-click process to set-up. With some encouragement from a new team member, and potential investors interested in the vision, I decided to mess around.

Within two weeks, had its initial foundation built. It’s a functioning, familiar interface that accomplishes almost exactly what we have been working so hard on with Perceptions.Live up until this point–just with a completely different look. (The difference is one uses tried and true community code, the other we started from scratch. They both have their ups and downs, of course, and in due time we will merge the ups to counterbalance the downs.)

A Revenue Generating Engine for a Non-Profit

As alluded to in previous posts, it’s been on our vision board to start a company that can make some *serious* money, in order to provide funding for PRCPTION Travel’s mission to support the production of “global positivity media.” is that solution: a “fast-food” video editing service offering subscriptions, options and add-ons for all types of businesses to streamline their content production & distribution.

As a standard LLC legal structure, we also have the ability to bring in external capital to fund these efforts. I’m excited to say that we are in the midst of closing a deal with our first angel investor. (Why the ‘first’? We have decided to move very slowly as we trace the path of growth of this new developing market, to strike a balance between profiting as the economic crisis runs its course and focusing on what is most valuable to the community at-large.)

As well as its community bulletin boards, Telegram chat room, and video editing services, the community is also currently offering weekly group webinars to support individuals with their content production. We just finished our second group chat a few hours ago–both the video and presentation file(s) will always be available free-of-charge to logged-in members. And they’re actually a lot of fun!

I’m also going to start live-streaming my video edits on Twitch. It will be a tool to support those looking to learn to edit their own video that may not have the funding for our fast-food video service.

Next Steps

It will evolve as it expands. Our main objective for the moment is growth. Using Facebook and LinkedIn, we’re currently offering free video editing for small businesses during the crisis, and working to create a sense of urgency not just to interact with our product, but to get the ball rolling on their own online media presence in these uncertain times.

It is a very “ripe” time to build a community focused on the production of in-house video, because at long-last, entrepreneurs are waking up to the fact that telling their story onscreen is imperative for their survival.

PELEcoin coming soon! 😉

And while I do believe a “fast food for video editing” service will do quite well in the coming years, in the meanwhile a community hub to learn about and collaborate on video projects will not only build our user base for the future decentralized social network of video collaboration, but no doubt be a valuable addition to the internet. We’re stronger together!

Over the next few months, we’ll see an integration of our paid/premium editing services into the free/charity services of the platform. The two sites will begin to share certain elements of their interface so we can slowly merge the familiar with the new.