Users- Explore Movements, Causes, and Locations [Roll Out (3/4)]


Last time, we discussed the Perceptions.Live functionality for Groups & Community Visualization. This week we will peer into the benefits and capabilities of the standard user browsing the platform.

Phase 1: “Roll Out”

C. Users- Browse Movements, Causes, and Locations

What it is: Let’s not forget the outside world! People everywhere in our fragmented civilization are searching for their kin, in some form or another. We are trying to build a very broad and autonomous media platform that facilitates the connection of like-minded individuals and communities through creative collaboration.

For this reason, the Perceptions.Live homepage will be a hub for all networks that the platform currently serves. With advanced search capabilities, users can explore new ways of living, eco-sustainability techniques, opportunities for collaboration, and much much more–or simply, browse around a map of the globe and learn something new.

Sustainability: Until video playback can be decentralized, for now we will focus on building a user base that cares to view a specific sort of content (“it’s the smiles, not the fear!”). Once we have gained our architectural autonomy, users will be given the chance to offer the data collected on them, or to receive ads, in exchange for a percentage of the revenues generated by their participation.

Example: Recently I met a man who had left his life in California behind in order to begin anew in Munich, Germany. For someone of his age and cultural background, I found it fascinating to hear that someone would go through all that trouble just for what he believed in. How many others are out there on the fence about doing something like this, and just need to a place to hear his unabashed story?

How many others are out there on the fence about making a life change, and just need an authentic place to hear his unabashed story?

These genuine stories & perspectives undoubtedly exist all over the internet; the question is how do we find them? Sharing stories that won’t be hidden by big tech algorithms is crucial in transforming the global internet we use today. When top results and recommended videos are either tailored for your filter bubble or for generating the most amount of ad revenue for the platform (or worse, both!), we’ll continue to be censored from the full spectrum of perspectives out there.

Soft Launch: Conclusion

Our strategy is to play the long-game. Many things are changing in our world today as we watch the new paradigm unfold: socially, politically, economically, technologically… In order to take back control of our media perception, we must develop a network of community-building abundance, and paint the new picture of the world together, staying grounded and intentional the whole way through (for example, unlike most start-ups, we don’t want to scale up to 1,000,000 users overnight–that would not be sustainable and our community would lose credibility in the process).

The clearest way for us to instigate this movement is to offer immediate tools that are not designed to make your communities dependent and steal your online sovereignty; rather, the more media-independent grassroots communities we can inspire, the stronger we can [eventually] act as a whole.