Groups For Community Visualization [Roll Out (2/4)]


Last week, in “Creators” and Video Submissions, we discussed how any user can simply submit footage to the Perceptions.Live platform for editing. This week we will peer into the community-building features of the platform.

Phase 1: “Roll Out”

B. Groups- Visualize Community

What it is: Here is where you can use our video uploading service for your own needs. Encourage your community to share their testimonies, experiences, stories, etc and generate a map populated by your people’s videos. 

Using our video editing service, your users do not need to know how to edit video. Using a map, your project’s message can be presented to the world in a distributed manner, in a way to connect your community beyond borders and platforms.

Sustainability: Until our payments gateway is set up to handle subscriptions, map embeds will only be available to our approved partners (many of which have made substantial donations during our development process). During noteworthy PR moments for the platform and/or other partner-ed communities, groups may be featured/sponsored on the homepage in order to promote their operations while the outside world is watching.

Example: PRCPTION Travel as a media production organization is a prime example. Using the Perceptions.Live community visualization feature, PRCPTION Travel can embed a map on its website showing the 100+ videos it created in 15+ countries during its first 4 years of operations.

For imagination’s sake, take Sanan here in the following video. His organization in Peru, Amistad Sagrada. If every traveler and tourist who came by the shop, or volunteered their time with the kids, shot a little testimony video with him, soon Sanan could populate an entire map of the global Amistad Sagrada community and post it on his website to show his groups’ international reach.

(If you like what you see, by the way, Amistad Sagrada is emergency fundraising right now, you can support them at this GoFundMe campaign.)

Stay tuned next week, when we jump into the benefits & capabilities of standard users to freely explore the world…

How to Get Involved

Contact us. Share with us your feedback on what we are doing and how your community-oriented videos or project could be a good fit for working with Perceptions.Live. (I repeat: NO VIDEO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED)

We want to line up a few featured content ‘creators’ to begin cross-promoting during our initial soft launch, and if your message fits the bill, we would love to work with you.