“Creators” and Video Submission – Roll Out Phase 1 (1/4)


Greetings from global community cyber-land, where the early Perceptions.Live platform is almost finished! Working from the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, the Balkans, and me currently in South America, for the past two months our team has quite literally been coordinating the platform’s final MVP development from all around the world.

It’s no simple task to work with these different timezones, cultures, and manners of communicating, but it feels important for our foundation to transcend borders from the get-go. Above all, I am proud to say that together, we are accomplishing our goals and have a beautiful product to show for the work we are putting in!

Intro: What’s the big deal with Perceptions.Live?

I was asking myself that for months–years, even. When all you have is an intuitive nudge and just the right amount of real-life affirmations to move forward with an abstract notion of how society could transform itself, stopping to question things either costs precious time or produces constructive criticism. But either way, here we are now with answers.

Gearing up to launch our first live experiment in building a digital community, this is the first in a series of posts that will document and explain the core features of the Perceptions.Live platform, organized by phase in the order features will be released.

2019-2020 Roadmap

Phase 1 (Q4 2019) of this roll out will comprise of three different classes of users: Creators, Groups, and Users.

Phase 2 (Q1/Q2 2020) will detail monetization via micro-crowdsourcing alongside contemporary social platforms.

Phase 3 (Q2-Q4 2020) will begin to delve into decentralized architecture (like cryptocurrencies and “the Commons”) for cultivating an ecosystem.

Phase 1: “Roll Out”

We are rolling out with a ‘soft launch’ because what we are doing is too easily replicated by other organizations with stronger resources and less collaborative intention. What will make us unique is our mission to continue distributing media of the world that constructs a positive narrative of our world (as opposed to using the usual fear-mongering, clickbait profit-seeking models).

Rather than coercing a base of users to act as the platform’s functionality demands, we want to stay pure to our ideology and focus on community-building. Our bottom line is not profit but network sustainability through cooperation. This includes allowing the community to fuel the platform’s evolution.

With this in mind, it’s time to redefine what it means to be a “creator” in our day & age.

A. Creators- Submit Your PRCPTION

What it is: A PRCPTION Travel feature that’s been on & off for over a year now due to technical difficulties, Perceptions.Live will encourage you, the people of the world trying to make it a more loving place, to upload your message as pieces of video. We’ll edit it together for you ourselves and publish it for you online (donations accepted).

NO VIDEO PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. This is an important point: we are all, as humans, creators. We create in different ways, but we should no longer feel limited or intimidated by modern digital aesthetics in our creation and subsequent distribution. We all have smartphones with video cameras, after all… why not have some fun?

Sustainability: While this service will eventually include sliding scale pricing models to help filter submissions, finance video editing, and drive traffic to the platform, for now the focus is on participation and engagement, so the service will be freely available (donations accepted). As we grow, we will also offer editing opportunities to video editing students around the world who are interested in connecting with content creators elsewhere (see an example from our 2015-2016 internship program).

Example: The following video comes from recently submitted footage by a public speaker needing a promo video for her services. After following our 3 basic steps for sharing your story, Georgia sent us her footage. Having approved the message and subject with our new standards for content, we then compiled the footage together into the following format and made it available for sharing:

Messages like Georgia’s can be easily created and shared by anyone with Perceptions.Live

But Perceptions.Live isn’t just for individuals. You can use the platform to inspire your own digital community for a movement, cause, product, or brand. In fact, this video submission service may be the perfect tool to encourage members of your community to submit their testimonies, experiences, and related footage in order to compile a post-terrestrial story of your message.

Stay tuned for next week’s post, when we dive into groups and community visualization...

How to Get Involved

Contact us. Share with us your feedback on what we are doing and how your community-oriented videos or project could be a good fit for working with Perceptions.Live. (I repeat: NO VIDEO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED)

We want to line up a few featured content ‘creators’ to begin cross-promoting during our initial soft launch, and if your message fits the bill, we would love to work with you.

See you next week! I’d love to hear from you in the meantime.