“Creators” and Video Submission – Roll Out Phase 1 (1/4)

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Greetings from global community cyber-land, where the early Perceptions.Live platform is almost finished! Working from the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, the Balkans, and me currently in South America, for the past two months our team has quite literally been coordinating the platform’s final MVP development from all around the world. It’s no simple task to work with these different timezones, cultures, and manners of communicating, but it feels important for our foundation to transcend borders from the get-go.¬†Above all, I am proud to say that together, we are accomplishing our goals and have a beautiful product to show for the work we are putting in! Intro: What’s the big deal with Perceptions.Live? I was asking myself that for months–years, even. When all you have is an intuitive nudge and just the right amount of real-life affirmations to move forward with an abstract notion of how society could transform itself, … Read More