Few Updates, Much Progress


Hello friends and family of PRCPTION Travel,

Just checking in to report that everything is OK and moving forward, in the mysterious ways that only intentional “start-ups” can follow. It’s been a few months since the last newsletter/blog because I have continued to wait on a big “announcement” that keeps getting pushed back–so until that announcement has arrived, please allow me to present to you the progress that we’ve made over the past three months.

1. Separating layers of operation.

After this spring’s controversy-provoked community discussion, PRCPTION Travel spent some time refining its boundaries & intentions for presenting itself to the outside world. Are we a media production agency for smaller organizations? Or a media creation network? A social media network? Perhaps a bit of all three. The precise answer lay in our next phase of moving forward.

I spent time with a member of our advisory board hopping around southern Europe this summer. An engineer, scientist, and Web 3.0 architect, Cameron helped paint a brilliant picture of how PRCPTION Travel need not be an entire decentralized network to act upon its primary mission, merely operate as the “smiling media” app on top of a decentralized network. Confusion surrounding how to accomplish our mission with the proper underlying technological foundation was cleared; this solves our question of censorship & moderation as an organization, and moves into more productive realms of conversation.

2. Stewarding a new decentralized endeavor.

Were PRCPTION Travel to be the initial guardian of a new decentralized media network, dedicated to the collaborative sharing of stories in any form–beginning as networking community voices but eventually heading into entertainment ventures like an Uber for Netflix or an AirBnb or Instagram advertisements–we would not only guide a social movement towards healthier social media production, but use the revenue generated to expand our non-profit mission of affordable video production around the world.

Entertainment is a very valuable digital asset that is currently in the hands of tech giants. It’s almost 2020. With each day that passes we have less reason to keep middle-men in our lives.

Learn more at our [codename] page.

3. Bootstrapping.

It’s a fascinating concept, one that could potentially come with a lot of promise–when it’s time. With this in sight, and with one final run of grassroots fundraising, I’ll be finalizing the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of our Perceptions.Live platform to make it useable and marketable. Communities will be able to use the platform as a visualization and organizational tool for their members, in a simple way that we don’t see online just yet. It has a lot of potential–what remains to be seen is the user interface and how it is adopted.

If value can be perceived in its unique new interface for media interactions, it is my hope that a team can be built and sustainable funding found in order to move forward with vigor–before the concept is taken and employed by a bigger company with more resources and less integrity.

We’re currently experiencing a profound disruption in the way we do things, a potential tipping point for human society, so the question remains if we can band together tightly enough to create the weight necessary to tip the balance.

4. Back to the Roots.

PRCPTION Travel started as a way for one traveling filmmaker (me) to share the inspiring people and groups he came across out in the world. Now, the Perceptions.Live platform encourages the submission of the same types of media I’ve been sharing, while my actual life is slowly winding down its intense level of travel and rooting itself more in a single location (TBD).

With this in mind, I have begun exploring the concept for a more grounded media series which will be called Perception Travel TV. Integrated with the Perceptions.Live platform, PT-TV will be a “roundup” segment highlighting all the media projects our users and partner communities have been working on. The idea is to create a gravitational point for those who share our intentions.

Thanks for sticking with it, everyone. A new message will come soon, announcing the official soft-launch of the Perceptions.Live platform. Can’t wait!