Introducing the Media Theater


Some exciting announcements & updates coming on the near horizon, but for now a quick introduction to where is heading.

Contrary to the style of these blog posts & newsletters for the past year and a half, PRCPTION Travel isn’t purely focused on the technology of building social video networking solutions for the world. We’re also keen on offering new ways for everyone to perceive the world itself through the media our network creates. (Fun-fact: this is where our domain name originally comes from; and this is why the Perceptions.Live platform calls individual videos “PRCPTIONs”.)

A portfolio of sorts, the new Media Theater acts as a way to sort swiftly through our best work since 2014. Simple enough for now, you can use the menu to organize our content by format (full-length films, web series, guerrilla documentation, etc) or intention (community gatherings, not-for-profits, etc). An easy substitute from browsing our YouTube channel or exploring the map platform, this new space should be a good spot to explore our videos.

As the world shifts and we realize more and more how important freedom of perception becomes in a media-dominated world, it’s imperative that solutions such as PRCPTION Travel begin popping up. In the future, we hope it will be an informative-yet-entertaining alternative to spending a few hours of watching primetime “traditional” media.

Have fun!