Slow & Steady: Non-Profit Web Development


An update from the magical behind-the-scenes land (which is alive & well, for all intents & purposes, complete with larger-than-life mascots)!

More has been happening than I sometimes remember to realize, yet the painstaking lesson in patience–that of creating larger-than-life systems of community interaction–persists. And, for better ignorance or for worse wisdom, it is not a task to be underestimated.

Developing websites is a slow process

What was originally estimated at a 1-month finishing time is now surpassing 2 months. It’s not our developers’ fault; it’s simply the nature of creating software… Asking a computer to do what you want it to, down to precise details, is a technological feat of humankind that I, for one, have always taken for granted. What may begin as a basic task, a simple copy-paste in some instances, turns into all kinds of unforeseen syntax errors and server issues that become an exciting challenge to overcome.

…and that’s not even mentioning the woes of non-profit work: funding! Finding and securing the means to make this vision come to life is another story in and of itself, one I’ll spare you today (though it is a fun one, full of magical manifestation, that I will share soon).

Fortunately we’ve yet to bite off more than we can chew, in either direction. Things obviously can go faster with more money; but sometimes they are moving at exactly the perfect pace. The vision has been uncovering itself like dinosaur bones in the ether–it’s in no rush and will become real in its own time.

Here’s a mock-up of the onscreen video editor.

What’s next? Organize your footage onscreen!

For the next installment of the PRCPTIONS.LIVE beta, we are focused on building the structure that puts to action our non-profit’s mission: providing media to share stories around the world. In order to do so, we are integrating an open-source onscreen movie editor in order to allow you to clean up your cell phone’s raw footage, organize your story into three parts, and send it to us so our network of video editors can turn it into something beautiful.

Pricing will start at free, in order to enable all parts of the world to have a chance at sharing their story. This is being made possible by allowing clients the opportunity to do half of the work, allowing you to demonstrate your energetic investment in the story you want to share.

More details surrounding the roadmap for this process over the next two years will be unveiled in the upcoming newsletter post.

Meanwhile, on the ground level…

Let’s watch some videos! I’m pleased to offer you a glimpse of two of northern Colombia’s finest ecovillage-retreat-yoga-forest-permaculture-healing spots! The quick montage style of these two videos is a crowdsourcing-video format that we will [eventually] be putting into action, once our software permits.

That’s all for now! Keep in the loop via the newsletter and as usual, get in touch if you’re interested in collaborating.