Sustainable Intentions for 2019


Joining in on the social media fun of sharing new goals and objectives, this post will be an introduction to what we envision for the development of PRCPTION Travel this year.

Recap: 2017-2018

2017 was a ground-breaking year. Through the hype of the cryptocurrency “bubble,” many people began to see new potential in the ways we interact, govern, and regulate ourselves as a society. We recognized that we could now generate abundance from thin air with digital currencies, consensus, and markets–not to mention play with new technologies that could keep governments and power hierarchies accountable. The blockchain enthusiasm of 2017 brought hope & inspiration to a new generation–including ourselves at PRCPTION Travel.

Traveling through several regions of the USA, to central Europe, to three corners of Africa, 2017 was a year of field research and exploration for our organization. How could we integrate this new technology into digital media sharing, sticking with with our intention to enable people to share stories of their world?

Fast-forward: 2018 was a bit slower on the mainstream tech hype; rather, the year’s political turmoils and exposure of global corruption by the powers-that-be took the driver’s seat. After Facebook data scandals, Fox News debacles, and Trump-this-Russiagate-that disasters, how much more obvious could it have become that we require unbiased, uncensored sources of information of the world? Despite this powerful tool we call the Internet, we have no pure source of information.

And so, 2018 brought on a healthy dose of sorely-needing grounding for PRCPTION Travel. In the USA, Australia, and Colombia, PRCPTION Travel was given the chance to experience how our innovative ideas surrounding cooperative digital media could be implemented by real-life organizations.

As the new paradigm of community, cooperation, and compassion continues to expand & evolve, we see that our vision fits right in with the ethos of blockchain technology, the needs of our species to move forward, and the new age canon that our human experience is all connected.

Charities & Sustainability

It can be tricky so sustain a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (also known as a public charity). Some get by with memberships, others rely on soliciting donations; in fact, in many non-profit cases, full-time jobs are dedicated to finding grant money. It is not unheard of to find a charity that has an economic engine to propel itself forward, but it does seem rare.

As a media-centric company, PRCPTION Travel has, in theory anyway, several options for generating revenue. Media, as we’ve always known it, is “free” because the audience is the product: advertisements, collection of personal data, and general propaganda. There is a lot of money to be seen through these three traditional avenues, but each one contradicts our organization’s  primary intention of releasing media untouched by the bias of profit. So how can a non-profit media company make money?

We believe that everyone has the right to share their story without limits, and perceive the stories of others without censorship. We don’t want to be about advertisements and data collection, because in some form they taint the purity of media as information.

…so, we’re integrating a media-production service into our networking platform.

Intentions for 2019: #BusinessMeeting

With a fluid vision in an evolving world, I can probably say that PRCPTION Travel had the perfect budget in 2018. Any less, and we would not have created the live prototypes that we’re now working with; any more, and we would have not known what to do with it.

This year, however, things are changing. We are developing a business model that not only enforces our mission, but can ideally continue to fund development of our digital platform for collaborative media connectivity.

The solution is simple: offer what we’re already doing as a global service. Everyone has the right to media, so let’s offer anyone in the world a free tool to share their story. A user or community that has video files on their smartphones can organize their own footage using our online tool; and a video editor (often astudents or volunteer, excited for a chance to connect with another part of the world) in the PRCPTION Travel network will finish the job.

And the collaboration won’t stop there! An element of this system will be dedicated to music, so local artists everywhere can have a chance to collaborate with other parts of the world. Meanwhile, members can sponsor videos for any one in the world, or choose to publicize them on our PRCPTIONS.LIVE platform after the fact.

And for those projects that have a bit more of a budget, there will be add-on options to hire professional-level editors, or to keep their footage in a library for future use (i.e. a long-form documentary).

Service-in-Action: An Example

Check out an example of this service with Adam Elfers, who has since continued to raise over $3000 for a community of asylum seekers at the US border with his submitted-footage video:

Adam sent me that footage from his cell phone… Who needs professional cinematographers, anyway?

Onward Ho!

This will all act as a foundation to build a new digital media web for those of us that choose cooperation instead of competition. We’ll move forward in a sustainable manner that is dictated by the network itself; not by fancy investment plans or any pipe tech dreams. We’ll all work together to create the world we want to live in; PRCPTION Travel will simply act as a tool to get things started and see what’s possible.

With the participation of the world’s citizens, we’ll continue to broadcast the smiles, not the fear.