A Musical Duo, A Community Hub, and A Colorful New Website!


Happy new moon! I normally release these posts around the full moon (just in case you hadn’t noticed :D), but this time around the flow of things needed time to catch up. And how glad I am that they did! Today I want to share with you several aspects of how the PRCPTION Travel vision ties together.

Musicians & Artists

It was exciting to get back into documenting talented musicians. This traveling Argentine couple came along and their celestial Andean music is just irresistible. From intense Yage ceremonies to simple afternoon jam sessions, it was a magical week of inspiration from these two at the Finca Del Origen in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Colombia.

And now, they have a video to help find them gigs and opportunities in their travels! What if it were this easy for non-filmmakers to support artists and musicians?

Community Centers

This is an older video that I realized never got the attention it deserved. Wildspace is a community hub in northern New South Wales, Australia (outside of Byron Bay) that puts on weekly “gift gatherings” during which participants share with one another: food, music, and presence.

Another inspiring endeavor, how great would it be to see more like community hubs with evenings like these in the world? Where people have a space to come together and hang out without requiring alcohol or the purchase of something–the foundation is simply community.

Wildspace sustains itself on a gift economy–donations, volunteers, and the like. Just like artists and musicians, what if it were this easy for low budget organizations to produce media with the help of anyone with a smart phone?

So let’s compound the two: magical people plus magical places… How about a place to share them all, a place to seek them out?

Tying it All Together with PRCPTIONS.LIVE

So let’s compound these elements all together: artists sharing their gifts, communities sharing their resources, and travelers sharing their skills. How about a place to tie it all together, to maximize the potential of each?

As our public beta prepares to go live in the months to come, the new tagline I’m playing with is “share those who inspire you!”  How cooperative a world would this be if we focused on sharing the beauties of others instead of stretching the limits of our material selves to show off our ego to others?

Thus is the new framework we are playing with for the PRCPTIONS.LIVE platform. (Which has got a complete makeover and is looking good!) Get rewarded by sharing others. Feeling motivated by someone in a deep conversation, or a performance, or an activity? Whip out your phone, capture the moment, and submit it to the network. Let’s connect our inspiring moments so that’s the world we can live in.

Redesign & The Future

Back to the website: it’s had a total makeover! I am beyond stoked and proud of the team that is developing, and how it all seems to be coming together. Early next year I’d like to release this to the wild–with advertising, with social media influencers, with marketing–but first it must be functional and it must serve a purpose. The intention is becoming more clear, as is the functionality and user experience, and the team continues to expand with more talent & wisdom seeping in from all sides.

But it is not meant to stop there! We are excited to be integrating an open-source video editor that will work side-by-side with our “Submit PRCPTION” page, so in case you have footage that you’d prefer to give a crack at yourself, you can use the web editor instead to broadcast your intentional media.


All in all, I’m watching this vision develop as much as you are in these monthly newsletters. I’m hoping it is starting to materialize to you! As the momentum moves the project forward, the eternal balancing act of nature brings the PRCPTION Travel bank account lower. If you feel it in you to make a contribution, any amount really supports us moving forward, primarily in this digital realm.

(Once we’ve established the platform well & secure, we will be able to put our revenue generation models in place–but until then, this is still a charitable act that requires the good will of people like yourselves, or people you may know.) Your support is much appreciated!


Until next time… Share your inspirations on PRCPTIONS.LIVE! And let me know of any feedback you may have 🙂