Features of a Cooperative Social Network


For over a year now, our brainstorming innovations trio has been studying and abstractly designing a method for people to collaborate, create, and distribute authentic “smiling people” media. From a systems standpoint, the primary purpose of this media would be to act as information: of people, of locations, of experiences, of stories. This is obviously a complicated endeavor for many reasons.

Decentralized innovations such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (blockchain technologies) have been inspirational in the brainstorm, as well as taking what we learn from existing “past paradigm” platforms like Facebook or Instagram, which a majority of social users still use. “Social network” was never really our preferred term for what we were working on, but as the project begins to take shape we are seeing that this is very much what the PRCPTION Travel vision is designed to be–a cooperative social network.

Cooperative Social Networking

So what are the features of digital communications in the new paradigm? Well, no one knows of course, because the transition has only just begun. But! Assuming that a cooperative social network should act like any self-sustaining ecosystem (a la permaculture)–full of checks & balances, gives & takes, incentives & deterrents–let’s take a look at a few of the standards PRCPTION Travel is implementing.

Browsing & Interface Customization

First off it must be noted how important it is to have control over your social interface. Many variables are at play in a social network’s database, the question for the current paradigm is: why can’t we access them? (Or at least, why can’t I search them?) With that in mind, PRCPTION Travel will allow you to organize not only what content you see but how you come across it:

  • Location
  • Categories
  • Greater Community Intention
  • “Primary” Subject Tag
  • Sorting Tags
  • Exchanges (Service or Opportunity)

Intuitive Networking

And what about when you come across something, someone, some place that piques your curiosity, tickles your fancy, interests your interests? Chances are in today’s platforms you can make your way back to a page or user account, but that’s about it. So we want to let users see who was involved in a video while seeing what else they’ve been a part of.

  • Video Producers
  • Co-creators
  • People Onscreen
  • Organizations Involved


Mechanisms will be in place to allow for the following creative collaboration aspects between users:

It’s our hope to watch the built-in functionality expand into something we couldn’t even dream up–let the network decide! There must be an infinite number of ways to collaborate as humans, and it’s not up to a tech platform to limit its users mindsets. We want collaboration built into the ethos of this network from the get-go.

(Our outreach programs are a good example of the past four years of PRCPTION Travel’s real-world brainstorming.)


Finally, the fun comes with a humanistic use case for cryptocurrency, directly related to the purpose of the network (media as information). With every piece of media that provides information to the world, any user can offer some of their own contributions regardless of their own quantitative worth. Everyone will be worth something and everyone will be rewarded in some form for any of their contributions:

  • Donations
  • Promotions
  • Verifications

Verifications will come to play a vital role when approaching user-submitted social media as information. Who/what/when/where/why do we trust? And what metrics do we use to trust what we think we trust?

“It’s time to quit messing around”

…is what runs through my head every time I find myself opening up Instagram these days. There’s so much potential to be had with our collective enthusiasm for sharing stories and connecting with others, yet our attention spans are daily squandered on mindless self-indulgence under the guise of “self-expression,” triggered by the algorithmic exploitation of our primate psychology to add more zeros to the net worth of these tech oligarchs that care for nothing more than profit.

It’s high time for a change. I don’t know if a cooperative social network, or any of the features laid out in this post, will offer any comprehensive or stable solutions, but I do know that we have to try. And I hope you’ll feel called to participate!