Friends, Partners, and Collaborators of PRCPTION Travel


First and quickly, an announcement for our new website! It’s fresh and it’s clean.

As our team grows and horizons expand, I’d like to take a moment to recognize the awesome organizations we work with. PRCPTION Travel wouldn’t be developing in the direction it is if it weren’t for the support of the following groups who believe in the overarching mission of people coming together.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with a few of them!

Cure CRPS Foundation is bringing hope and build a community of both doctors & patients around the world, raising awareness and efforts to find a cure. From its website:

“CURE CRPS Foundation was created to raise awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) aka RSD, compile and conduct research to update the diagnostic criteria and staging of the disease, and identify and develop best practices and protocols to ultimately find a cure.

CRPS is a disease of the Sympathetic System and the medical community has changed its name more than 22 times since it was discovered in the 1800s by a physician working with soldiers in the battlefield. CURE CRPS seeks to raise awareness of the disease both inside and outside of the medical filed and find a cure for even late stage disease patients.”

PRCPTION Travel has had its hands in Cure CRPS’ story in several ways; thus far, most notably with the Shepherds of Aloha’s custom-made theme song to the Cure CRPS movement:

Humandalas is a guided group movement meditation available in both card game and app form. It brings a group of any size together to share intentions and presence by forming hand mandala shapes and offering the group’s energy to a greater purpose, to something bigger than the individual self.

“HuMandalas are enjoyable, enlightening and accessible to people of any background, in particular those with interest in sound therapy/toning, sacred art, conscious movement, massage, meditation, & new age thought.”

We’ve been exploring the newly-released Humandalas to make fun media of people coming together:

Make sure to download the Humandalas app on iPhone or Android!

Creativity Advocacy is actually the life work of my mother, a creativity-nurturing soul inside and out. Often enough in this world, I think it’s safe to assume that most of us often forget about the importance of being creative. We all create in different manners and sometimes the term “creativity” gets lost amidst the ideas of visual art or music–when really, creative forces are what create the very world around us!

“We promote Creativity as a force to help humans interact with their own individual process and in turn contribute to the whole of culture. We perform seminars, interactive workshops, provide private CREATIVIST training for projects as well as offer certification for coaches.”

Suffice to say, we support Creativity Advocacy’s efforts to encourage EVERYONE to be discover their own creative force and allow the world to enjoy it.

Are you or your organization interested in collaborating in a win-win-win fashion? Let’s talk! Check out our brand-new community page!

With each of the aforementioned friends/partners/collaborators, we eagerly await the release of our Live PRCPTION platform to support these awesome organizations in building their global communities using digital media.

(Speaking of which–this week we’re breaking ground with the development on our backend API and database, setting the stage to create unique mapsets showcasing media of different global communities and put them on any website, anywhere. But more on that next time!)