Moving Onward!


Active Participation

In a time when we have so many options for spending our attention, human connection seems to be so often simulated right in front of our eyes. Movie characters, Instagram stories, etc. may make us feel close to a character, yet it’s not quite tangible enough to feel the fulfillment of a proper human interaction. It’s a very passive, simulated experience that doesn’t feel so… wholesome?

I imagine that if everyone actively participated just a little bit in the shaping of a new digital world–even just by choosing to use different software, or choosing to be exposed to a certain lens of information–then we’d all feel a lot more empowered and thus a lot more collectively stoked.

But more on this as you scroll down.

Welcome to the Team!

As the mission to take back ownership of our digital connectivity continues to spread, it becomes more & more clear that there are many of us from all different circles out there striving to achieve a similar vision. Here’s a few of them that happened to offer their energy into the PRCPTION Travel circle:

Karim Alharazin is the man behind our beautiful new demo website platform. Hailing from Palestine, he is a freelance computer engineer that works primarily in the healthcare field. He is excited to be a part of the Crowsourced PRCPTION project, knowing that people around the world will take benefit from it.

A full-stack developer, Cameron Sajedi is a scientist with a computing background and an interest in bio-inspired blockchain and DLT technologies. In his free time he enjoys traveling, especially road trips to natural wonders ripe for landscape photography.

Sara Cousineau is passionate about living a life of connection, discovery, and service. After 5 years of experience in the corporate world as a CA/CPA, she has shifted her focus to living her best life and supporting others. Her education in holistic nutrition, yoga, and bodywork, combined with her international corporate and non-profit experience provides a unique perspective that facilitates the creation of innovative, sustainable solutions.

John Scalia Jr. is a West Point Graduate in Systems Engineering & Philosophy but has been a Hollywood Comedian and Creator since 2005. He spent his 20’s working for visionaries intent on destroying global communities, so he decided to spend his 40’s working with visionaries intent on creating global communities.

Want to get to know the rest of the team?

With his experience in both physical and metaphysical systems and infrastructures, John has joined the project as resident “Future Directors Producer,” supporting the initiative with his professional perspective.

Here’s his take on how PRCPTION Travel ought to function:

There is a lot that can theoretically come from this. We envision a platform that enables local NGOs, charities, low-budget organizations, or anyone to create their own digital media communities with their global members submitting personalized clips that collectively strengthen their mission. Any community or cause could be observed as both an interactive map of involved persons and testimonial/experiential media of the cause itself.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Video Submissions on Mobile

Along with this community-generating platform, we’re building a mobile app to support people like you in sharing their stories in a cohesive manner that doesn’t require you to be a fancy video editor. If you’ve got something to say, or perhaps a community or cause out there to support, simply follow steps 1-2-3 and your video will automatically show up on the community map of your choosing.

Interested in seeing the prototype/mock-ups of the platform and mobile app? Check out our prototypes.