PRCPTION Travel, Inc. was founded to solve the problem of profit-motivated media dominating the stories told of our world. What began as grassroots community filmmaking is transforming into a decentralized platform for collaborative media productions.

Since 2014, we’ve helped produce “smiling media” in over 17 countries. We’ve learned that one organization on its own cannot transform the world’s fear-based perception of itself. We must do this together, we must share our collective voice.

We’ve created over 100 videos with individuals & organizations

all over the world, sharing their perspectives, activities, and stories.

In 2017, we realized we could accomplish more by

bridging media with tech & social.

Create Locally
Collaborate Globally

Introducing a cooperative social storytelling platform that allows groups and individuals to share their voice and honor one another. Explore the world from the perspective of community, co-creation, and collaboration.

We’re now developing

local community-building utilities

to bring the world closer together with digital media.

Share People

Enable your community members to share their experience & testimonials from all over the world.

Present Missions

Enhance your written statement of intent with real-life digital video of your organization’s strategies.

Visualize Results

Realize the outcomes of your efforts straight to your website with a local, regional, or global map.


Sharing blog posts

has been our primary means of defining our mission.

“In an age when media dictates what we learn of the world, it is imperative that we realize the freedom of our perception.”

Storytelling should be as easy as 1-2-3

Simply organize your footage using our onscreen services,
and our network of video editors does the rest.

  • Who, Where, When?

    Introduce the experience story with basic, relatable human details.

  • What?

    What’s going on in the video? What do others need to be aware of?

  • Why, How?

    Call-to-Action: Why was this video created? How can the viewer participate?

Got something to share?


Custom Subscriptions

Let’s make it work for you, let’s make it work for us, let’s make it work for the world.



Per Period
  • Fully-integrated with PRCPTION network
  • ≤ 100 entries
  • Custom Video Editing
  • Tag Privacy



Per Period
  • No PRCPTION network integration
  • ≤ 5,000 entries
  • Custom Video Editing
  • Tag Privacy

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Meet our partners

who work with us to fulfill our purpose.

And this is our team

making it all happen!

Jordan Urbanovich

Executive Director

Kushan Silva


Lau Garda


Matt Terwall


Cameron Sajedi

Web 3.0 Advisor

Sara CoisineauPartnerships

Matt TerwallTreasurer

Rose PalmerCommunications

Juan VasquezProject Manager

John HanacheckUX Advisor